Soccer Girls / The Old Mall

by Dalmatian

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released September 27, 2014

Soccer Girls - Personnel

Michael Suhr
(Lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar)

Burgess Brown
(Background vocals, keyboards)

John Ewing
(Drums, percussion)

Sean Williams
(Background vocals, bass)

Heath Abney
(Lead guitar, rhythm guitar)


The Old Mall - Personnel

Michael Suhr
(Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, percussion)

Burgess Brown
(Background vocals)

John Ewing

Sean Williams
(Background vocals, bass)

Art by Claire McNeely
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sean Williams



all rights reserved


Dalmatian Macon, Georgia

Dalmatian is Burgess Brown, John Ewing, Michael Suhr and Sean Williams.

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Track Name: Soccer Girls
rape, in my back and front.
3-way call, what made me is gone but they can't shut up
you sleep like you never do
and I curse like I always do
They come to watch me grove
and wonder, "whose?"

dum dum dum da da dum da da da da

headphones in but nothing's on
what a good way to tell the world get lost
soccer girls, sleep as they put their shin guards on

upset about a new formation
I'm out of my prime for life's duration

on my legs, pale vs. tan's wars no more.
Political drunk talk in all its scorn
once this stone gets passing, I'm passing out that door.
Talks of living with you make me not wanna live no more

Wednesday's ashes have floated on
Lord, I dont know why she still holds on
Southern boys, sleep as they put their banjos on

Heaven won't take your mother's soul,
or your brother's soul, or your soul

Stratford law, states, that they can do no wrong
parents join in on the beer bong
you punched him in the face but the wedding still went on
believe me I try to block this out
but the stream it let the stone pass on

stone pass on

stone pass on, stone pass on
bones last long, not as long as my song

stone pass on, stone pass on
bones last long, not as long as this song
Track Name: The Old Mall
please try not to squeeze too tightly, you are crushing heart.
children please flick off your fathers and shoot me in the dark.
Please take care of me I know it's not easy but I refuse to take care of myself.
I hate everyone daftly and blindly, but none more so than myself.
my average, covert, narcissistic self

In a Nightmare ocean, paralyzed by potion,
who is watching me?
YOU should be watching me, it's 1:13,
and I'm sad.

why am i so

All of the world is sweating or typing while we're hungover in bed
The kids in the old mall are weary and wandering the trails of their white Keds
And wondering If everyone is dead

Little league, airplanes, and your father's dead dream threw you into this bin
nothing but the blood of strippers and Jesus can wash away your sins.
Please wash away my sins.

Old grown motions, should be soaked in oceans,
wanna see myself, swim away from the shelf, and out out in the abyss, away from the beach so I can bitch in bliss to myself
and wonder

Why am I so