Obscure Discoteca

by Dalmatian

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Recorded May - November 2014 at Crumps Park Avenue in Macon, GA


released November 21, 2014

Michael Suhr
(Lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, banjo, percussion)

Burgess Brown
(Background vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion)

John Ewing
(Drums, background vocals, percussion)

Sean Williams
(Background vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, lap steel guitar, violin, percussion)

Heath Abney
(Lead guitar, rhythm guitar)

Album art by Claire McNeely and Burgess Brown
All songs written by Michael Suhr
Mixed, mastered, and produced by Sean Williams



all rights reserved


Dalmatian Macon, Georgia

Dalmatian is Burgess Brown, John Ewing, Michael Suhr and Sean Williams.

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Track Name: Fugu
Blacker than night are the eyes of Felina.
Nights draw near to half the day,
I'm half in love with a girl, or it might just be vain.
While, nothing would wind my mind like the whirl of that bambina,
I go off the grid, tryna find my grit,
unbothered by derision delirium,
undulating lady you're late.

Drunkards have a way of killing themselves
and in the morning resurrect to the call.
To swallow your dose of delirium, disconnect from a world that you draw
After convivial moons, oh the mornings they loom!
morbid Mondays: wake up nude, sweaty, cold, and rude.
split a 20 into 10,
toot a half,
honey hold my head.

awake and wonderin' if you're gonna take me.
I've been fake and plundering, while your love can shape me.
What can I say, What can I do?
my note's been strung, I'm like, -listen to- “ 'Love Hurts', fool! ”
There's no sense in trying when your love has been negated
So you cling onto excitement, getting drunk and so faded.
Inflated, you make me.
a friendship is breaking,
this love it is shaping
but somehow you're escaping.
“I cannot see her tonight/ I have to give her up/so I will eat Fugu”
Forget her. Now throw you up.
a hip in ya step
a sack in your sock.
a spliffer on the way, a nice drag while we drop.
So I will make up for your prior desolation
and we can hook up and talk about Mesopotamia
like, The primitive myths and their gods above
You're born with a flood, and the ability to make it up
to get all your answers for your Human Condition
pledge to yourself ,be your statement of mission
What is out there is now, but in the future you're banking
while your life on this earth has been forced into thanking
a holy hoarder, who takes the ones you love
promises milk and honey. and on the groove he gripes and grubs.
wipes your dumb face in the valley of dead flowers,
now the growl of the grim, it grows much louder
I think she loves it, I'm above it as I gambol through the gutter.
I find your pleasure point, I know where your bread is buttered
You are gorgeous he's a egregious,
Christ kid, thinks he's Jesus
femme elitist, you're the sweetest
girl I know you don't need this.

the man is a man, guess I'm a man and so are you
that means that we are all human so Im starting to wonder
who the hell you think you are?
A sophist kid singing rumors in her car.
“We're Never Going Back Again”
You sound like Stevie but you can't be her twin.

For every girl I fawn, I must find inside Ligeia.
Fortunato flails, unto her nature im nailed,
placid opiate pangs perverted, introverted woman behave
Track Name: If I Was Your Lover
If I was your lover, You wouldn't even need to know my name.
Always under the covers, You couldn't hear the cus the sheets screened all my pain
I knew it wouldn't last forever, and I didn't need to see another day.
And all we really had was each other,
but togethers not enough to crush the bumps out of of this misanthrope.

Flout all flattery, I need new batteries, this isn't easy

You watch your step out the other side the door, you watch your step
You watch your step while your walking out the door, you watch your step.
Mi Piacerebbe amarti ,ma ci sono molte ragazze

While I was your lover, Gott ist tot, sailor anchor my absurd crisis.
Your body held all the answers, kept me up all night.
forgot that the sun also rises.
Never trouble turning me on, and our psychotropic trysts, kept us in a misty, headstrong fog.
I sold you and you sold me, dispensing disbelief, doublethinking what it means to be free.

You watch your step. it's for the best. Sublimate. for me?
You watch your step, it's for the best, sublimate, for me?
Track Name: Miss Mandy Molly
It's known they have a fistful of rockets in their pockets, but I don't need none.
The heart stops beating and y'all wanna shock it.
Where is the fun?
When the light at the end is your only love.

It's my generation and I don't understand it
Do I need some?
Some bass that keeps landing on shit they're demanding
Do I need some?
Ms. Mandy Molly's rolling on heads that need consoling
and they love her even though she's cut.


Oh... To live beyond on all feelings
Oh I...
At night I stand, in the morning kneeling...to the high
I heave, “right here, I'll be fine, to die here on the tile”
A halo of hurl hems my smile
She says, “girl you're just my style”

My youth, it's yearning. But which way am I turning?
Do I need to love?
Should I revel in the moonlight?
Or hold you tight till sunlight?
Oh well.. I guess there goes my blond
I wash down my hair. In the mirror I stare,
slowly coughing out my lungs
bleeding are the songs I've sung.
If my ever tied mind should come undone, I'll be my first to love.
Track Name: Cherry Street
Cherry St.
Baby, why ya calling?
It's late
you're drunk, go home.

My boots
tied tight
always dreamed of stompin?
My voice carried all down the road
All's erode
Don't erode!

I'm alone..
I'm alone.
Drench my dreams in the river to make this home.

Closet, all day.
Hell it makes me queasy
The dry walls closing me in
faces in the front
high hands keep aclappin'
Let's drown in my mind once again
and again, and again.
Oh yeah!

Where's a friend
Where's a friend
Or a fiend
Maybe a brother, to take me in.

Beggin me to play
yes, you are my honey
but I
I won't let it out
I want you to hear
but you make me nervous
death, it deals in doubt
damn my doubt
doubt all doubt
doubt, I'll doubt!

Gotta shout
Gotta shout
From Crumps Avenue,
There's something new to talk about
Track Name: Obscure Discoteca
You got some sweet love, and a lack of control.
I want a body, babe, but more so a soul.

Please river woman, sink my skin and stone

I want to be all-one, but not alone.

For everything he does. Theres an answer. Dreams of California.
SF Swagger
Macon causes cancer,
he needs malformed blood
cut it
lo-fi swag.
Jump on my fad. I read your moleskin plans.
gotta premonition that reminds me of you
It's just prediction and it's never waiting for you to do, what you do,
because everybody knows what're you're going to do.

We're weak so we binge drink, claim you love me but not capable of love.
I call bull shit, just admit I'm the one.

River raven reminds me we're all strung, sinking, skin, and stone.

I want to be all-one babe but not alone.

Everybody seems to have a buddy who lives in Colorado.
Making moves and puffin on some Medi,
scratchin that DJ lo fi swaggy shit
White boys go out in their kit.
Matching and hatching some fits
Bereft of a body girl
bop at the Obscure Discoteca.
Where priggish punks, yeah they're unwelcome.
Create a Ka'aba, you make a Mecca.
You killed punk! You kooks! You named us!
You got tamed cause you claimed, “you cant tame us!”
“Ive come back to save us.”

Well I just wanna swell. You, me, and sangria.
Floating in Fajardo and the bottles almost empty.
Only, I'd like to see you sift into the water
your skin lights up. We are bodies in the moonlight.
My squeeze tights up.
I'm okay with melting.
Here in bio bay, on the bottom we are shaking, and lighting the waves up above.