Dances with Dalmatian

by Dalmatian

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Recorded February - September 2013 in Macon, GA


released October 15, 2013

Michael Suhr
(Vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion)

Burgess Brown
(Vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion)

John Ewing
(Drums, percussion)

Brantley Macfie
(Lead guitar, rhythm guitar)

Sean Williams
(Vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums)

Heath Abney
(Lead guitar)

Album art by Burgess Brown and Olivia Williams
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sean Williams



all rights reserved


Dalmatian Macon, Georgia

Dalmatian is Burgess Brown, John Ewing, Michael Suhr and Sean Williams.

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Track Name: Old Boy
I was just a boy
just a boy, yeah me, I was just
a small rundown

I was just a boy
just a boy, waiting, for the leaves
to sing brown

I was just a small run down

if you love me, you will not make a sound.
If you love me, I will not make a sound
Track Name: Hickies
you wrote a letter
on your confirmation
had some gushers and a coke for lunch

and two is better
when you're choking up the past
blowing cigarettes on your ash and stove

and I know you better
then to talk out of your ass
making promises when you can
when we both know, you can't keep them.

and to choose
to search for another
would push Georgia on its side
cus my love I can't deny to her

confide in your nest
on the Gulf Coast
can you justify your ghost?
snow birds shaking up their boats

it's that thin, cold air
that reminds me when I forgot my name
tooth paste covering my neck, in shame
saying, "I got to grow up, so I can drink my pain, and start my fame!"

and Jesus, you wrote me a letter
on my confirmation, said, "It sucks to be the only son."
Track Name: I Love L.A. (Trickster Getting Married)
run across the water
priest are sons, nuns are daughters
father taught her
"My son in law, better bought her"

Lilly Ann, give me your hand.
you got you a man today
but getting married and running away
is not what they're doing these days

papa I ain't got no money
but I'll treat your daughter sweet like honey
yeah, I'm tall and skinny
but grandkids you'll have many

But really now, I dont give a damn
I'll take my Lilly Ann, she'll never feell your Bible backhand
but getting married and running way
is not what they're doing these days

Dip in your lip
Gun to your hip
I don't give a shit

I will fight for you

forget the guns
it's time to run
Oh Lilly Ann, I'm not playing this game.
I'm ain't getting marred, I'm running away
Old trickster's not gonna die today.
Track Name: Chieft
Dust off the stoop now
Run on the roof now
be loud. I can't hear you

Want me a cat now
take me a nap now
been alone, for a long time

I feel like a chief
no kidding, this flying stuff can't be beat.

Dessert for dinner
Chocolate sinner
going down, down under.

Dress me in feathers
Dance with the weather
Cure our qualms

I feel like a chief
I got these two left hands, can't tie these cleats

Pat's got an ax now
John relax now
It's all good

Speak with the stars now
give me a bounce now
Coming down, I'm going to bed

I feel like a chief

Bowls of glass and fresh cut grass
with skinny brown bones is all I'll ever need.
Track Name: No Calls from Claire
I remember days
when I didn't wake up so old.
My knee, it screams "it's rain!"
and my belly pleads "slow down your roll"

It's easy, when you're stoned,
dusting of the heart that they've thrown

It's too much to bear, with no calls from Claire

My purple heart steadies along
while we pick some fool
In the city, dress warm, but please remember to stay cool

That's easy when you're stoned
cus anything is cool if it's not condoned .

It's too much to care, with no calls from Claire

would you let me out of this place?
would you let me out of this place, if you loved me?
Could I give you my picture to paint?
or a similar structure to trace?
I can be another structure or face, if you love me.

It's easy cause you love me,
dissolving my knees and believing in nothing

I dont care. No calls from Claire
oooooh no calls from Claire

(let's go to Mexico)
Track Name: You're Light
Please believe me
I am bad, so bad
I will rot you to the core

I dont how long
I can stand on one foot.
oh how hard is it to behave
so wont you tell me, sweet mama,
how long will I be in your light.

Oh no you burned,
burned me so red
we were one,child,
now we're dead
Oh, but your warmth
on those long nights
not too hot, just so right
now wont you tell me sweet mama
how long can I be in your light

oh how long?

You support me, oh my god.
your love it burns me. oh my god.
my knees are ashes. oh my
oh how long will I be in your light